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Terms & Conditions (Terms of Use)

We have the right to make amendment to any region of website, We can remove your access to our website if you made any unusual activity.

Purchases are placed from Amazon.com so we do not dispatch , fulfill or refund any products or orders. Restores, disputes and returns and any queries regarding orders will remain under the responsibility of Amazon.com. We will not entertain any orders placed from Amazon.com

Availability of website
There is no guarantee that we will remain online every time but our priority is to remain available and operational. You are not allowed to interfere in working of our website , you are not permitted to attack on our security or hack it.
We will make sure that all data on our website should be accurate. You will be notified if any kind of science will happen in our website. We will try to omit errors as early as possible.

Prices / Costs
Prices of products do not remain same all the time. it may change with the passage of time. You will be notified while purchasing , you will be provided exact price before the completion of your order.

We do not acquire your private data until you signup to our newsletter. Go through our privacy policy for full awareness.

Confirmation of Terms
By utilizing this website you are eye to eye with our terms and conditions. By agreeing our terms and conditions you concede to the fact that you will not use our website for illegal or prohibited purposes, including posting of any rebellious or absurd or bad reviews , if you would try to violate our terms and conditions you will be penalized heavenly and your access to our website will be terminated without any notification. We have the right to
block access of any person who does not comply with our policies.