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hampton bay patio furniture replacement parts

Patio furniture replacement parts

Patio furniture is costly when you want to buy a new one. When your furniture gets rupture or crack, you have to find a way to recover it before throwing it out. Therefor if one or couple of parts get damage , You can order new Hampton bay patio furniture replacement parts.

You can also lead a luxurious life with the help of Hampton bay outdoor furniture. The patio furniture models are manufacturing in house to acquire several characteristics. They produce perfect furniture which are flawless. Their frames and cushions provide us comfort and solace. Wicker patio furniture is also one of the best handcraft furniture. You will get flawless collection to fascinate your outdoor look. You can also accomplish your external site with patio umbrella presenting a sunbrella solution dyed canopy. When the summer sets in , you want to make memories during your gathering. All you have to do is to select an estate quality fire-pit which is ideal for friends and kith and kin.

Patio furniture replacement parts for hampton bay

Replacement Cushions

Hampton bay patio furniture are making replacement cushions which are fit to any open air furniture. They will be producing from extreme-tested sunbrella fabrics. It has 41 styles and sizes , including 65 plus solids, striped and well design fabrics. You have to make sure before selecting cushion that it deals with all weathers. It will make your open air seating and dining look attractive and updated.

Tailored covers for patio furniture

Their covers are suitable for Hampton bay furniture collections. They are also providing unique protection and weather resistance. Its fiber is 600 denier polyester. It is covered with a layer of waterproof PVC in order to protect it from all weather conditions. Its frames and finishes are of soft fleece. It will not fade or crack in the sun or at 0˚F. It is easy to clean it.

Fabric Swatches

Hampton bay is providing a wide range of fabric swatches. It provides you suitable fabrics which is a perfect match for your home. Our consumers are of the view that they are rich in color, their beauty is long lasting. Adding cushions, umbrellas, drapery and pillows to your outdoor furniture. There are two types of swatches available. Firstly, solid swatches, size 4×4. Secondly, pattern swatches , measurement 8×8. It is to draw a real picture of patterns which will make your order of furniture selection special.



  1. Hi. I need help for replacement table top with the rectangle stone for Hampton Bay patio table.. Please email me soon then I will send you some pictures what look like . Thanks.

  2. I have 2 Hampton Bay swivel chairs with 2 piece slings. On each the seat portion is ripped. Is it possible to purchase pre-cut pieces that can be placed into the channels? The upper pieces are fine. Can these be purchased at Home Depot (where they were purchased)?

  3. We purchased a new outdoor furniture set from home depot several years ago. It has all held up exceptionally except for the table top which was slate tile covered fiberglass. The tiles kept cracking and breaking loose. I contacted home depot and they said something like this would not be able to be replaced. I’m just looking for the top itself. We are very happy with the set but need a new top.
    Please respond to let me know if this would be available anywhere.
    Thank you,

    John Schleer

  4. Hi,
    I am trying to obtain replacement slings for our Hampton Bay patio furniture, specifically the Glider.

  5. I’m looking for a replacement part for a Hampton bay patio dining set with umbrella. The part goes through the table top center and holds the umbrella. It is plastic, 2″ o.d., 1″ long with external threading, with retaining nut, and collar. Can you help me, please?

  6. I’m looking for a Hampton Bay replacement canopy for a 10×10 with ball on top of the canopy.
    Any help would be great!

  7. Please ensure you know the dimensions of your cushions and you compare them to the product online before purchasing replacement cushions. We recommend covering your patio set, removing your umbrella and bringing your cushions indoors when you are not using your patio set.

  8. Scott Friedrich

    Hi I am looking to replace the corner section, And both its cusions, as well as all of the legs to go with both the love seats and the corner section of the Ann Arbor 4 piece sectional.



  9. Kristin Lolmaugh

    I have 2 Hampton Bay swivel chairs with 2 piece slings. On each the seat portion is ripped. Is it possible to purchase pre-cut pieces that can be placed into the channels? The upper pieces are fine.

  10. I need to replace the sling on my Hampton Bay chairs. I think it is the Belleville collection.

  11. I am looking for a replacement part for my Belleville Ceramic tile patio table. I need the middle pievce where the umbrella goes.

  12. My cushion are still in great condition from my Hampton Bay deep seating wicker chairs and loveseat. Can I buy replacement pieces without the cushions?

  13. Janet Ormberget

    Hi, i bought a Hampton Bay pergola at Home Depot. The fabric for the pergola is ripped. Is it possible to buy a replacement for the canopy?

  14. I need help with a replacement table top. Please contact me.

  15. I’ve been looking for a replacement 9ft 8 spoke patio umbrella canopy. The old canopy was tan and had a pattern of palms on it. Wife likes it and cant find a comparable canopy to purchase for replacement.

  16. I have a 10 X 6 umbrella. I broke one arm and need a replacement. SKU # 1000 407 969. How do I order part

  17. I need two roof brackets for an all season gazebo purchased at Costco.

  18. I have a table that seats 6 has 4 ceramic slabs. I need to get 4 leg level adjustment parts. (the pieces that go in to the bottom of the leg to level table). Where and how can I get that

  19. I just purchase the Hampton bay niles park fire pit set . I am looking for a fire pit insert cover to keep the stones dry can you help me , please

  20. Looking for a way to repair torn foot fabric on our Folian chaise lounge. By Hampton Bay. Any suggestions?

  21. Cecilia J Chandler

    I am looking for replacement supports for a Hampton Bay Chaise Lounge in Bronze. Approximatly 9″ long.


  23. I am trying to find a replacement table top for a round tall table. Please let me know if we are able to order this.

  24. Rhonda Hillstrom

    We have a Hampton Bay Patio set with 4 chairs and a table that can either be a fire pit or ice bucket. The outter rung of the table is tiles and look like stone mosaic. It has cracked due to hail. We love our det just want to replace the title. Can you help? This set is a few years old.

  25. We purchased a Weave Park Bench by Hampton Bay at Home Depot a few years ago and the wood at the top around the lattice is broke. Is there anywhere we could purchase a wood piece to fit into the back so we can use it again? If so where can it be purchased and what would the cost be? We really love this bench!
    Thank you!!!

  26. I need replacement clips to keep the sectional couches together.

  27. I need replacement caps for a Hampton Bay patio set. I can email a picture of the part if you email me. Thank you!

  28. We have six Hampton Bay mesh sling chairs that need the mesh replaced. They have separate back and seat mesh pieces but I do not know the model number of the patio set. Do we need part number, or do you order by size?

  29. Hi,

    In a move I have lost the hardware for the 7 piece Palm Canyon Patio Dining Set. Is there anyway to get a replacement for all the hardware for the set?

  30. We purchased a Patio Swing last year and this summer the bar that attaches to the swing that leads up to the spring has snapped where the bolt goes through attaching to the swing itself. I noticed when I opened the packaging that this was poorly drilled. My 8 year old son was on it swinging when this happened.

    I’d like a replacement bar so that I can fix the swing and begin using it again.

  31. I have 4 Hampton Bay Pacific Sling swivel/rocker chairs, (model DPCF-4169), with 2 piece slings. On each the seat portion is ripped. Is it possible to purchase pre-cut pieces that can be placed into the channels?

  32. Would love to get replacement cost for Hampton Bay Lasserre Sling Spring Rocking Chair 389 701

    I cannot seem to find the sling replacements

    any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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